Sorry, this post isn’t about dark energy, it’s making fun of John Kerry. (We always taunt the ones we love.) So what is it with his policy of not talking to the media? Does he think this is a good way to get favorable press coverage? It’s gotten so bad that the pool reports are regularly making fun of him:

From: kerrypool

Sent: Friday, September 10, 2004 6:15 PM

Subject: Re: [Kerrypool]

The senator left hangar 7 at 6:10p ET and saw a group of seven people waiting in the parking lot. The senator took a picture with the group and upon leaving your pooler tried yet again to get the candidate we all cover as he runs for president of the united states to answer a question from his national press corps. Your pooler asked whether saddam hussein would be in power if he were president and then when if ever he would talk to the press.

He’s got to understand: the Saddam jibe is a softball question! He should have turned to the reporter and said this:

I’m sorry, but I couldn’t hear you very well. I think what you just asked was, “If you were president, would one thousand American servicemen and servicewomen still be alive? And would we be fighting the war on terror in places where actual terrorists are located, with the support of the world behind us?” Why, yes. Yes, those troops would still be alive, and we would be fighting a more effective war on terror. Very astute question.

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