I thought he looked familiar

This morning I drove from Chicago to Notre Dame to give a seminar and to speak tomorrow at a conference in honor of Ernan McMullin. He is a widely respected philosopher of science, and was the PhD advisor of Jack Doody, who taught me philosophy at Villanova.

So I stop at a fast-food place on I-90 along the way, and there’s a TV showing white smoke and pealing bells. I stuck around a little to see who would be the new Pope, but eventually had to get going before he was revealed. Of course now we know who it is.

“Ratzinger is a polarizing figure to many, who seems to prefer combativeness to compromise and compassion,” Mary Grant of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests said in a statement.


In a 2004 document, Ratzinger denounced “radical feminism” as undermining the family and natural differences between men and women.

My goodness. They’ve elected Larry Summers as Pope.

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