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10 Responses to Trending Topic on Twitter

  1. Jorge Laris says:

    Not in México’s Twitter. =(

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  3. Navneeth says:

    A couple of sensible tweets from a few minutes before I clicked the link…

    On the fun side, I’m happy to see the actual tweets are all clearly jokes from people from different walks of life, not HEPs talking about 125 and look-elsewhere.

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  6. Chris says:

    It apparently broke twitter today 🙂

  7. OMF says:

    Apparently Peter Woit started all of this by publishing data smuggled out of Geneva in a modified Thermos flask in the dead of night by a resistance operative in an adventure worthy of an Ian Fleming novel.

  8. Christian Takacs says:

    I’ve been reading “Not Even Wrong” for years now, they are almost ALWAYS talking about the Higgs at the LHC. The argument so far has been, “Does the blogosphere hurt science, and should there be absolute control of the release of information from taxpayer funded research?”… the answer for the most part seems to be “Heck no!” followed by a snort… then maniacal laughter…ok… maybe not the maniacal laugher…not much anyway. “Not Even Wrong” by Peter Woit is also a great read if you want to really want to know why things are getting so uptight and contorted (logically and otherwise) among certain parts of the high energy physics community.

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