Time and Space, Remapped

A short two-person dance, with a twist. Or more accurately, a shear: time is remapped so that there is a delay that increases as you move from the top of the frame down to the bottom. Or in math: (x’, y’, t’) = (x, y, t – y), in some units. Via Terence Tao and Alex Fink.

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6 Responses to Time and Space, Remapped

  1. David Lau says:

    Just got the book today. It will be my Thanksgiving reading while working on my presentation for the national math convention.

  2. JP says:

    Another great example, Muse’s music video for Unintended:

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  4. Gary Ruben says:

    Thanks Sean – enjoyed watching this.
    And another one is Midnight Juggernauts’ Vital Signs

  5. Job says:

    Can I shamelessly plug my own variation of this, which doesn’t map the delay in time by the y-axis, but by light-intensity?

    Sadly, it’s crappy cam footage of a live installation.

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