Colbert Redux

Last night I had the privilege of once again appearing on the Colbert Report to talk with our nation’s leading pundit about the frontiers of modern science. Here’s the clip. I’m not sure you’d want to use it to help explain how the Higgs mechanism works, but I think we had fun. The joke about “massive” at the end makes sense only if you know that Colbert has a running gag, referenced earlier in the show, in which he has been trying to get people to say “massive” as a synonym for “cool.”

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Sean Carroll
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5 Responses to Colbert Redux

  1. ed hessler says:

    Massive!!!!! You guys had fun and so did I. Thanks.

  2. Woof says:

    Your explanation had a lot of truthiness in it.

    (And a massive day to you!)

  3. Mike D says:

    Dude! I’ve been trying to get people to say “massive” for years!

  4. Simon DeDeo says:

    Science is everywhere!

  5. Simon DeDeo says:

    It’s the same science.