Virtually Speaking Science

In a couple of hours (6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern) I’ll be joining Alan Boyle and Matt Strassler for a chat in Virtually Speaking Science. You can listen along on BlogTalkRadio, or the more adventurous among you can join us in Second Life. After consulting the Twittersphere (and our own inner dialogues), we’ve settled on the topic “Curious things that may or may not be true.” Should be fun.


This is what Jennifer and I would look like if First Life were more like Second. For one thing, apparently we’d be like nine feet tall.

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3 Responses to Virtually Speaking Science

  1. Djorgovski says:

    Your second life is just like your first life, only … more cartoony

  2. I was dependable about second life till last year. So now i not playing online games anymore

  3. Gizelle Janine says:

    It’s the funniest thing: Your wife’s hair matches my bag. I’d never wear goggles though. Not even as an avatar. 😀

    Sean: Where did you get the hair?