Summer Institute in Philosophy of Cosmology, Santa Cruz

This summer UC Santa Cruz will host a Summer Institute in Philosophy of Cosmology, from June 23 to July 15. There will be a great lineup of speakers, not to mention me. The “philosophy of cosmology” isn’t really a recognized intellectual discipline as yet, but some of us are trying to bring it into existence, so it’s an exciting time.

This is more of a summer school than a conference, so students and postdocs with an interest in the field should certainly think of applying. The deadline for applications is March 15, so don’t wait too long!

  1. Wouldn’t the philosophy of cosmology be to study the cosmos? Seems pretty simple unless I’m missing something.

  2. The Philosophy of Cosmology seems to be for people who can’t understand the math of Cosmology – this is not necessarily a bad thing, since many of the people who do the math for cosmology are fucking crazy.

  3. Wondering why both (math of cosmology and philosophy of cosmology) aren’t needed for a full understanding of what we’ve discovered? Math gives us the data, but not the meaning or what we should do with the data–seems the two are complementary.