Hither and Yon

Best intentions (put nose to the grindstone, get these papers finished) notwithstanding, I do have a few more public lectures and whatnot coming up over the next few weeks. Would love to see you there! And if not, I recently did an episode of the Rationally Speaking podcast with Massimo Pigliucci and Julia Galef, where we talked about naturalism, science, philosophy, and other things I’m marginally qualified to speak on.

Wednesday May 22: I’m giving a public talk on the arrow of time at UC Davis. This is in the midst of a conference on the early universe, which should also be fun.

Wednesday May 29: I’ll be talking with Jim Holt, author of Why Does the World Exist?, at the LA Public Library. It’s possible this is will be sold out, but I think they’re going to tape it.

Sunday June 2: I’m the keynote speaker at the American Humanist Society annual conference in San Diego. 10:30 a.m. on a Sunday, so this one might be easier to get into! In fact you can get in for free even if you didn’t register for the conference, by following these simple steps:

1. Go to the website here: http://ahacon13.eventbrite.com/#
2. Click the orange “Enter Promotional Code” link.
3. Enter FREECON in the field that appears and click Apply.
4. The list of items should then include the free “Free to the Public: Matt Harding & Sean Carroll” option.
5. Choose that one (and any others) and then complete the registration.

Thursday June 6: Opening night at the Seattle Science Festival features Brian Greene, Adam Frank, and me, under the stern but fair moderation of Jennifer Ouellette. Adam and I will give short talks, and Brian will show us the West Coast premiere of the multimedia performance Icarus at the Edge of Time.

Wednesday June 12: I’m giving a public lecture at Fermilab on particles, fields, and the future of physics. It’s part of the Fermilab Users’s Meeting, as well as a workshop on the International Linear Collider. Not sure if I’ve ever given a public talk that will have so many people ready to correct my mistakes.

After a couple more trips in July, my calendar actually does clear up, and I can look forward to uninterrupted vistas of productivity. Watch out!

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8 Responses to Hither and Yon

  1. BobC says:

    Signed up for the June 2nd gathering, thanks for the info!

    I hope to also attend Matt Harding’s talk: Will you be Dancing Badly with us?

  2. Riccardo says:

    The podcast was very interesting.

  3. Sean Carroll says:

    Chances of me Dancing Badly are … not good.

  4. Bryan says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait to be able to hear the ones that are recorded! Any plans to give any lectures in Hawaii?

  5. Guess I’ll be taking a road trip to Batavia. And a 5 hour drive is worth it to hear one’s favorite physicist!

  6. BobC says:

    Well, you are allowed to Dance Wonderfully….

  7. Tony Rz says:

    Why does the world exist? The best anyone can come up with is, “because”, though speaking as a Christian, ah, ah, I guess I won’t.

  8. BobC says:

    Sean’s presentation today is available here: http://conference.americanhumanist.org/live/

    It was a total blast seeing him talk live. I am amazed that Sean was able to bring together so much content from his prior talks into a single, focused presentation with a wonderful arc, lots of equations, particles and waves, philosophy, tugs of the heart, and a big bang at the end. A true tour de force. The video is great!

    Just as great was getting to have an extended conversation with science writer, blogger and bride Jennifer Ouellette while Sean was mobbed after his talk. I’ve been a fan of Jennifer’s writing long before I knew about Sean. And I learned about Sean through her writings, particularly her touching blog posts about a science writer falling in love with a cosmologist. Highly recommended. Talk about a “power couple”.