Greetings from Bangkok

Where you will find a welcoming Ronald MacDonald,


a monk checking his iPhone,


and a stone temple guardian in a top hat:


That’s all for now. Probably radio silence until I get back next week.

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2 Responses to Greetings from Bangkok

  1. David Thiessen says:

    Greetings Sean & Jennifer,

    As my Einstein “Physics is Phun” shirt exclaimed, I want to thank you for Enriching My Life with your Scientific American Bright Horizons 19 lectures on the SE Asia cruise. I thoroughly enjoyed them and I learned a lot. I’m looking forward to your “debate” with W.L. Craig once it is on YouTube. My wife had other plans for me on Friday evening 2/21. I’ve read (and saved as a webarchive) multiple reviews and your own reflections re the “debate”.

    I’ve watched and downloaded the Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham Feb. 4 debate and since I believe that conclusions should be based on evidence, Bill Nye won the night but some of that opinion is certainly due to my Confirmation Bias. I think Bill Nye did a good job but not a great job [I wish I could have helped him prepare :-)]. Nye stuck to the debate topic [“Is creation a viable model of origins in today’s modern, scientific era?] but allowed Ham to often wander off the topic (e.g. God’s plan for salvation). There were several areas where Nye could have “Slammed Dunked” Ham but he missed them.

    Getting back to Sci Am’s Bright Horizons 19 cruise. Your being on the program was the main reason I went on my 2nd Bright Horizons cruise and I was amply rewarded. My 2nd reason was that I had always wanted to visit SE Asia. I’m anxious to tell Chris and Annika about your talks as well as reading your “The Particle at the End of the Universe” book which you so kindly autographed. Time delayed repetition is the best way to learn something — I’ve watched your YouTube video on the Higgs, listened to your great talk on the Higgs on the Volendam, & now your book. Dr. Joao Varela, co-director of the CMS detector at CERN LHC was on BH 16 to S. America and gave great talks on the Higgs and the CERN Supercollider (which enriched my life).

    Wishing you and your lovely wife the best. Thanks again for your great lectures and your responses at the Q & A’s.


  2. Jon says:

    It’s cool ( and very multicultural) that they hired a Leprechaun to guard their temple.