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A Bit of Physics History: Ed Witten Introduces M-Theory

The Second Superstring Revolution was, like most revolutions, a somewhat messy affair, with a number of pivotal steps along the way: understanding the role of membranes in 11-dimensional supergravity, the discovery of dualities in supersymmetric gauge theories, Polchinski’s appreciation of … Continue reading

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Effective Field Theory and Large-Scale Structure

Been falling behind on my favorite thing to do on the blog: post summaries of my own research papers. Back in October I submitted a paper with two Caltech colleagues, postdoc Stefan Leichenauer and grad student Jason Pollack, on the … Continue reading

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The Higgs Boson vs. Boltzmann Brains

Kim Boddy and I have just written a new paper, with maybe my favorite title ever. Can the Higgs Boson Save Us From the Menace of the Boltzmann Brains? Kimberly K. Boddy, Sean M. Carroll (Submitted on 21 Aug 2013) … Continue reading

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A Map of the Research Literature

The arxiv, started by Paul Ginsparg in 1991, was a pioneer for the Open Access movement in scientific publishing. Most (many?) working physicists, and an increasing number of scientists in other fields, take it for granted that they will share … Continue reading

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CP Violation and the Information/Anti-Information Asymmetry

Do a physics experiment. Now take that experiment, change all the particles to antiparticles, and reflect the entire apparatus around some fixed plane. If you get an equivalent result, we say that the experiment preserves charge/parity symmetry, or CP for … Continue reading

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Why Is Code Hard to Understand?

Anyone who has tried to look at somebody else’s computer code — especially in the likely event that it hasn’t been well-commented — knows how hard it is to figure out what’s going on. (With sometimes dramatic consequences.) There are … Continue reading

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More Messy Dark Matter

Longtime readers know that I’m fascinated by the possibility that dark matter is “interesting.” Of course dark matter is by its very nature interesting, but I’m referring to the idea that the dark matter isn’t simply a single neutral particle … Continue reading

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The Most Embarrassing Graph in Modern Physics

Scientists don’t always agree with each other. Yes, I know; shocking but true. In cases of collegial disagreement, it’s often fun to quantify the extent of opinion by gathering a collection of experts and taking a poll. Inevitably some killjoy … Continue reading

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Time-Reversal Violation Is Not the "Arrow of Time"

Looks like the good folks at the BaBar experiment at SLAC, feeling that my attention has been distracted by the Higgs boson, decided that they might be able to slip a pet peeve of mine past an unsuspecting public without … Continue reading

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South Pole Telescope and CMB Constraints

The South Pole Telescope is a wonderful instrument, a ten-meter radio telescope that has been operating at the South Pole since 2007. Its primary target is the cosmic microwave background (CMB), but a lot of the science comes from observations … Continue reading

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