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Almost forgot again — the leap-year thing always gets me. But I’ve now officially been blogging for ten years. Over 2,000 posts, generating over 57,000 comments. I don’t have accurate stats because I’ve moved around a bit, but on the … Continue reading

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Back In the Saddle

So apparently I just took an unscheduled blogging hiatus over the past couple of weeks. Sorry about that — it wasn’t at all intentional, real life just got in the way. It was a fun kind of real life — … Continue reading

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Bloggy Tweaks

I took a few minutes to update some stuff on the blog. As always, what is intended as an improvement might end up making things worse, so feel free to chime in. In no particular order: The death of Google … Continue reading

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Another Year Blogged

Happy New Year! As is quasi-traditional, we will ring in the new arbitrary chronological signifier by recapping some of the greatest blogging hits of the last year. For last year’s list I actually did a bit of work, organizing things … Continue reading

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Welcome to the latest incarnation of my blog-related programming activities. As our friend Lucretius says, “All that we see about us consists of transient arrangements of atoms. Some awaken to life. None holds forever.” I’ve bid an extremely fond farewell … Continue reading

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Comment Policy

Editor’s Note: Way back in 2007, we here at the blog were struggling with a vocal minority of obnoxious commenters. [This post is from when I was still at the group blog Cosmic Variance — SMC.] I was stuck on … Continue reading

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A Year Well Blogged

‘Tis the season when bloggers, playing out the string between Xmas and New Year’s, fill the void with greatest-hits lists from the year just passed. But a question inevitably arises: how does one decide which posts to include? There are … Continue reading

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A Salon of Ideas

Matt Strassler’s post prodded me to look back and notice something: we really have had quite an amazing collection of guest bloggers over the years. There is a page on the site dedicated to keeping track (as well as a … Continue reading

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Milestone Watch

Sometime this Monday afternoon, Cosmic Variance welcomed its 10 millionth visitor. Yay us! (And yay all the visitors!)

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How to Succeed on the Internet Without Really Trying

Keen eyes will notice tiny improvements in the look-and-feel of the Discover blogs today, thanks to behind-the-scenes work of our crack website team. One improvement is that the social-media buttons at the bottom of each post are a little more … Continue reading

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