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Part of our traditional Christmas celebration is going out to see movies. This year we saw Lincoln, which was even better than I thought it would be. Daniel Day-Lewis is a genius, as you don’t need me to point out, … Continue reading

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Time and Space, Remapped

A short two-person dance, with a twist. Or more accurately, a shear: time is remapped so that there is a delay that increases as you move from the top of the frame down to the bottom. Or in math: (x’, … Continue reading

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Dismal Global Equilibria

The Civilization series of games takes players through the course of history, allowing them to guide a society/nation from way back in prehistory up through the near future (say, 2100). You develop technologies, choose political systems, and raise armies. There … Continue reading

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Avengers Assemble!

Mostly I’m holed up at home these days, pounding out paragraph after paragraph about the LHC and the Higgs boson. But even the most dedicated author needs a sanity break, and mine is coming tonight, in the form of The … Continue reading

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Robot Helicopter Electrik Band

Sometimes a label conveys it all: “Robot Quadrotors Perform James Bond Theme.” This video was shown today at the TED conference by Vijay Kumar of Penn. (H/t Al Seckel.) Note that the little helicopters are pre-programmed; they’re not being remotely … Continue reading

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A 3.8-Sigma Anomaly

Every professional football game begins with the flip of a coin, to determine who gets the ball first. In the case of the Super Bowl, the teams represent the National Football Conference (NFC) or American Football Conference (AFC). Interestingly, the … Continue reading

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Mind = Blown

Apologies that real work (to the extent that what I do can be called “work”) has gotten in the way of substantive blogging. But I cannot resist sharing the amazing things I learned this weekend — amazing to me, anyway, … Continue reading

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Good News/Bad News: Nobel Edition

The good news about winning the Nobel Prize: you get better parking on campus. The bad news: Sheldon Cooper makes fun of you on national TV. Of course you don’t need to watch the ceremonies to learn what all the … Continue reading

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Scientists: Scamming America

From The Daily Show, via Why Evolution is True, here’s a hard-hitting expose on the slick con called “science” that is scamming America. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Weathering Fights – Science – … Continue reading

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How Probability Works

From Barry Greenstein’s insightful poker book, Ace on the River: Someone shows you a coin with a head and a tail on it. You watch him flip it ten times and all ten times it comes up heads. What is … Continue reading

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