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New Course: The Higgs Boson and Beyond

Happy to announce that I have a new course out with The Great Courses (produced by The Teaching Company). This one is called The Higgs Boson and Beyond, and consists of twelve half-hour lectures. I previously have done two other … Continue reading

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Nobel Day

Today was the Nobel Prize ceremony, including of course the Physics Prize to François Englert and Peter Higgs. Congratulations once again to them! (Parenthetically, it’s sad that the Nobel is used to puff up national pride. In Belgium, Englert gets … Continue reading

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Winton Prize

Greetings from Paris, where we just arrived from London via the technological miracle of the Chunnel. I was in London in part to take place in the award ceremony for the Royal Society Winton Prize for science books. Which, to … Continue reading

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Englert and Higgs

Congratulations to Francois Englert and Peter Higgs for winning this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics. However annoying the self-imposed rules are that prevent the prize from more accurately reflecting the actual contributions, there’s no question that the work being honored … Continue reading

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Paperback Day!

Young books grow up so fast these days, don’t they? It seems like just last November that The Particle at the End of the Universe was born, kicking and screaming. And now it’s all grown up, and there is already … Continue reading

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The Higgs Boson vs. Boltzmann Brains

Kim Boddy and I have just written a new paper, with maybe my favorite title ever. Can the Higgs Boson Save Us From the Menace of the Boltzmann Brains? Kimberly K. Boddy, Sean M. Carroll (Submitted on 21 Aug 2013) … Continue reading

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Goddamn Particle

Hey, did you hear that Planck released its results today? The universe remains preposterous, if still pretty awesome. And it might be lopsided, which is intriguing. Planck says that dark matter makes up 26% of the universe, while the best-fit … Continue reading

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What “The God Particle” Hath Wrought

You’ve doubtless heard the joke: We can’t call the Higgs boson the “God Particle” any more, because now we have tangible evidence that it exists. But the label “God Particle,” attached to the poor unsuspecting Higgs boson by Leon Lederman … Continue reading

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Higgs Boson Blues

Almost enough to make me believe in a benevolent force guiding the universe: Nick Cave, on his new album Push the Sky Away, has a song called “Higgs Boson Blues.” (Hat tip to Ian Sample.) Okay, don’t expect to hear … Continue reading

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Unblinding the Higgs

This new video has been bouncing around the blogs and Twitter feeds I read: excerpts from internal (i.e., non-public) talks at the CMS collaboration, as they revealed to themselves the new Higgs results from this summer. When you started hearing … Continue reading

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