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Joe Polchinski’s Memories, and a Mark Wise Movie

Joe Polchinski, a universally-admired theoretical physicist at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics in Santa Barbara, recently posted a 150-page writeup of his memories of doing research over the years. Memories of a Theoretical Physicist Joseph Polchinski While I was … Continue reading

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Long-Term Forecast

This xkcd cartoon is undeniably awesome as-is, but the cosmologist in me couldn’t resist adding one more row at the bottom. Looks like the forecast calls for Boltzmann Brains! I guess Hilbert space is finite-dimensional after all.

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Does Santa Exist?

There’s a claim out there — one that is about 95% true, as it turns out — that if you pick a Wikipedia article at random, then click on the first (non-trivial) link, and keep clicking on the first link … Continue reading

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Single Superfield Inflation: The Trailer

This is amazing. (Via Bob McNees and Michael Nielsen on Twitter.) Backstory for the puzzled: here is a nice paper that came out last month, on inflation in supergravity. Inflation in Supergravity with a Single Chiral Superfield Sergei V. Ketov, … Continue reading

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I’m Not Sure That’s How Probability Works, Walter

Tonight marks the debut of John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight on HBO. JenLuc Piquant reminds us of one of the former Daily Show correspondent’s finest moments: confronting Walter Wagner on why he thought black holes from the LHC were a … Continue reading

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Einstein and Pi

Each year, the 14th of March is celebrated by scientifically-minded folks for two good reasons. First, it’s Einstein’s birthday (happy 135th, Albert!). Second, it’s Pi Day, because 3/14 is the closest calendrical approximation we have to the decimal expansion of … Continue reading

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Methodological Honesty

A provocative hashtag: #overlyhonestmethods. For when you want to know how science is really done. (Via Sociological Images.)

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Time Travel via YouTube

Via everywhere on the internet, here’s Jeremiah McDonald, who used a 20-year-old videotape of his younger self to carry on a conversation across time. (Seems legit at a casual glance, but I suppose it could be faked.) Sadly we can’t … Continue reading

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Hitler Learns the Tevatron Has Been Shut Down

I’m going to hop on a plane to Geneva. Have to see a man about a boson. Here’s something to tide you over. A bit of friendly international-competition humor. [NSFW captions.] “I should have gone into string theory!”

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Quote of the Day

Hey, anyone remember the lawsuits that were trying to shut down the LHC? They were finally dismissed by a federal appeals court in 2010, with the following concise summary of the situation: Accordingly, the alleged injury, destruction of the earth, … Continue reading

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