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More Gradual Erosion in the Dignity of Humankind

The next obvious step in the robots’ scheme to take over the world: develop an unbeatable strategy for Rock-Paper-Scissors. (The robots are patient, their plan has a lot of steps.) It didn’t bother me when computers became better than us … Continue reading

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Trending Topic on Twitter


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PhD Comics Explains the Higgs Boson

Jorge Cham visits CERN, and comes back with tales of particles and mass.

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Calamities of SuperNature

Tony Piro, the artist behind the webcomic Calamities of Nature, explains the relationship between science and the supernatural better than I ever could. Click for the rest of the exciting story. Via Evolving Thoughts.

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Dark Matters

Jorge Cham, creator of the celebrated PhD Comics, sits down to talk with Daniel Whiteson and Jonathan Feng about dark matter (and visible matter!). But rather than a dry and boring video of the encounter, he cleverly illustrates the whole … Continue reading

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You Pinheads

Update: darn it, Phil beat me by minutes. Always check your RSS reader before posting something from elsewhere on the internets. Found this video yesterday morning via Swans On Tea. It was so good I had to include it in … Continue reading

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Book Review: Jonathan’s Franzen’s Freedom

Sorry for the radio silence — Thanksgiving really took it out of me. (The food was excellent — may have eaten too much.) Just got back from a workshop at Stanford, where we had a mini Cosmic Variance gathering, since … Continue reading

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Special Relativity, Simply Explained

Here’s how it starts. Click over to Abstruse Goose to see the exciting conclusion. Message to science journalists: if this actually happened, it would be pretty awesome.

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George Carlin on Science and the Meaning of Life

George Carlin, asked about the meaning of life, proclaims his love for astrophysics and particle physics. And the cyclic universe scenario, in particular. The interviewer, sadly, is pretty clueless, and wears his cluelessness like a badge of honor. Carlin shows … Continue reading

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Time Explained

Some of us write books, others express themselves through visual media. Here’s my new favorite theory of time, courtesy Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. (It continues; click.)

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