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Live Q&As, Past and Future

On Friday I had a few minutes free, and did an experiment: put my iPhone on a tripod, pointed it at myself, and did a live video on my public Facebook page, taking questions from anyone who happened by. There … Continue reading

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Particle Physicists and Cosmologists on Twitter

Katie Freese, a well-known particle cosmologist who has a new book coming out, was asking if I had an tips about publicity. Short answer: not really, no. I haven’t really figured that one out. But one of the most obvious … Continue reading

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Online Complexity Course from Santa Fe

MOOCs are all the rage these days. That would be Massive Open Online Courses, for those of you still stuck in 2007. Apparently Bucky Fuller was pushing the idea back in the early Sixties? These days, with everyone spending most … Continue reading

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Why String Theory?

Breathless press reports notwithstanding, string theory is very far from being dead. If you’re interested in what it is and what’s going on within the field, I can recommend a new website called Why String Theory? (And of course, accompanying … Continue reading

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3 Quarks Daily 2012 Science Prize: The Winners

I was the judge for this year’s 3 Quarks Daily Science Prize; here are the results. Cross-posted at 3 Quarks Daily, obviously. I want to thank Abbas and all the 3QD crew for inviting me to judge this year’s Science … Continue reading

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Trending Topic on Twitter


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3 Quarks Daily Science Blogging Prize

Each year, 3 Quarks Daily sponsors prizes for blogging in different areas: science, arts & literature, politics and social science, and philosophy. This year, the excitement surrounding the science prize will be even greater than usual, since it will be … Continue reading

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From the Tau to Dark Energy: Martin Perl's Blog

Physicists have certainly been ahead of the information-technological curve at times. The web was invented at CERN, and of course we mastered open publishing simply by doing it, while other disciplines have struggled to come up with workable models. But … Continue reading

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Chirality and the Positron’s Mustache

Woke up this morning to the happy news that my post “The Fine Structure Constant is Probably Constant” walked away with the Charm Quark (i.e., tied for third place) in this year’s 3QuarksDaily science blogging prizes. Many thanks to Lisa … Continue reading

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Best Science Blogging of the Year

Okay we’re a little late with this, so be quick if you want to participate: it’s time for the Quark, the 3quarksdaily annual prize for science blogging. The deadline for nominations is tomorrow (Tuesday) night, so hurry up and nominate … Continue reading

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