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APS Prize For Young Particle Theorists

The Division of Particles and Fields of the American Physical Society, wisely realizing that the future belongs to the young, has instituted a new prize for the best Ph.D. dissertation in theoretical particle physics. It’s brand new, so we’re helping … Continue reading

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Decline of America, One in a Continuing Series

Tidbits of news, depressing enough on their own and adding up to a bigger picture. The James Webb Space Telescope, having gone so far over budget that large swathes of NASA’s science program has been shelved to make room for … Continue reading

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I Get Email

Few things warm the heart of a scientist more readily than a query from a young, curious mind, eager to learn about our universe. Why, just now I received this inquiring email: R xxxxxx to me Sean, Neutrons have … Continue reading

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Here and There

Collected things before I hop on a plane for France: I’m hopping on a plane for France. Spending next week at the Pope’s old palace in Avignon, conferencing with fellow cosmologists about the latest and greatest in the field. I … Continue reading

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Danny Hillis on Richard Feynman

One more video from TEDxCaltech. Danny Hillis is the founder of Thinking Machines, the Long Now Foundation, and Applied Minds. Touching and inspirational. See also Lenny Susskind’s reminiscences.

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Everyone knows about the TED talks — the great, and mercifully short, presentations whose videos are among the most-shared on the web. Even clicking on a completely random talk, you’re likely to be rewarded with something interesting. Part of that … Continue reading

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Give, Give, Give

It’s been days since we’ve hit people up for our Donors Choose 2010 Challenge. As you know, this is our favorite cause. It’s also Stephen Colbert’s favorite, as if you needed any extra motivation. The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs … Continue reading

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Pepsi Galaxy, Pepsi Universe

Warning: following links may lead to places no thinking person was meant to go. At least that’s what I discovered when I was reading this Discoblog post about a recent branding fiasco involving the Gap. I was led to a … Continue reading

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It Gets Better

No substantive blogging from me — I’ve lost my laptop and need to get a new one, with all the crapola that entails. (Speaking euphemistically here; it wasn’t “lost,” it was stolen. Story later.) In the meantime here’s a video … Continue reading

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Aristotle on Household Robots

At Science Not Fiction, Malcolm MacIver reports on Roombots — robots that can assemble themselves into different pieces of “furniture,” depending on the demands of the situation. Meanwhile, in the middle of a lecture on Marx, Brad DeLong mentions that … Continue reading

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