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Robot Helicopter Electrik Band

Sometimes a label conveys it all: “Robot Quadrotors Perform James Bond Theme.” This video was shown today at the TED conference by Vijay Kumar of Penn. (H/t Al Seckel.) Note that the little helicopters are pre-programmed; they’re not being remotely … Continue reading

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Friday Piano Solo

Keith Emerson has been doing some interesting work on wave mechanics, Fourier transforms, and temporal structure. Here are some of his findings. Not exactly what you see at the Grammys these days. (Not that it was back in 1974, either.)

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Mind = Blown

Apologies that real work (to the extent that what I do can be called “work”) has gotten in the way of substantive blogging. But I cannot resist sharing the amazing things I learned this weekend — amazing to me, anyway, … Continue reading

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Gil Scott-Heron

Gil Scott-Heron has died at 62. I could mention how his spoken-word recordings were a noted precursor of hip-hop, but then the Onion would make fun of me.

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Happy Birthday Bob Dylan

Seventy years old. Wow. I recognize the first questioner at this press conference. I’m pretty sure he’s been at some of my own talks.

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Friday Bass Solo

I’m at a pretty intense workshop this week, spending my waking hours talking about causal diamonds, Boltzmann Brains, and the multiverse. My poor regular brain isn’t up to the task of blogging. But John Entwistle has some thoughts he would … Continue reading

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No One Is Spared!

Caltech had its commencement ceremony last Friday, and I donned a cap and gown to march up on stage with the other faculty members. It’s always a great day, as years of work comes to fruition for several hundred students, … Continue reading

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The Dark Energy Song

It’s Friday! And my promised bloggy content-providing hasn’t really materialized. Someone has to write those letters of recommendation, and my students weren’t impressed by my pleas that there was blogging to be done. But I gave a colloquium yesterday at … Continue reading

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Playing the Audience Like a Xylophone

This was originally relegated to a tweet, but it deserves to be elevated to a blog post. Bobby McFerrin, at the World Science Festival, demonstrating the pentatonic scale. A rare combination of joy, passion, and teaching. I dare you not … Continue reading

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Blue Yodel No. 9

Louis Armstrong and Johnny Cash. Forty years after Armstrong first recorded this song with Jimmie Rogers, the father of country music. Via Marginal Revolution. This is a clip from the Johnny Cash show in 1970, less than a year before … Continue reading

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