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I Wanna Live Forever

If you’re one of those people who look the universe in the eyeball without flinching, choosing to accept uncomfortable truths when they are supported by the implacable judgment of Science, then you’ve probably acknowledged that sitting is bad for you. … Continue reading

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New Course: The Higgs Boson and Beyond

Happy to announce that I have a new course out with The Great Courses (produced by The Teaching Company). This one is called The Higgs Boson and Beyond, and consists of twelve half-hour lectures. I previously have done two other … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Life

I have been a crappy blogger, and I blame real life for getting in the way. (No, that’s not the meaning of life.) I keep meaning to say something more substantial about the BICEP2 controversy — in the meantime check … Continue reading

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Help Wanted: Moving Naturalism Forward

Update: This request received an amazing response! I had to make a tough choice, but I’ve picked someone to do the paid work of making a careful outline and suggesting possible excerpts. Thanks for everyone who sent a query. Following … Continue reading

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Running around these days, doing some linear combination of actual work and talking about things. (Sometimes the talking leads to actual work, so it’s not a total loss.) If you happen to be in a sciencey kind of mood when … Continue reading

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Almost forgot again — the leap-year thing always gets me. But I’ve now officially been blogging for ten years. Over 2,000 posts, generating over 57,000 comments. I don’t have accurate stats because I’ve moved around a bit, but on the … Continue reading

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Greetings from Bangkok

Where you will find a welcoming Ronald MacDonald, a monk checking his iPhone, and a stone temple guardian in a top hat: That’s all for now. Probably radio silence until I get back next week.

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William Lane Craig Debate

Last week I participated in a dialogue with Princeton philosopher Hans Halvorson, sponsored by the Veritas Forum here at Caltech. We were talking about “physics and philosophy,” but the primary issue was theism and naturalism — Hans’s research specialty is … Continue reading

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Searching for the Science of Self

Book release day! Not by me — I’ve gone on quasi-hiatus from book-writing, and for that matter from blogging, while I am happily getting some actual science done. But the brilliant and talented Jennifer Ouellette has come out with her … Continue reading

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Good Faith

Nelson Mandela was a complicated person. He was no pushover; he was an activist, a revolutionary, someone who got things done and wasn’t afraid to break a few eggs when necessary. But his greatest contribution wasn’t the overthrow of apartheid … Continue reading

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