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Chatting Higgs

Greetings from Vegas, where I’m here for The Amaz!ng Meeting, at which I’ll be talking Saturday. But I’ll also be talking today using one of these fancy electronic information-processing gizmos that are all the rage among the young folk these … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

Hey, anyone remember the lawsuits that were trying to shut down the LHC? They were finally dismissed by a federal appeals court in 2010, with the following concise summary of the situation: Accordingly, the alleged injury, destruction of the earth, … Continue reading

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Science/Religion Debate Live-Streaming Today

[Update added below. Further update: here’s the video.] I’m participating this afternoon in an intriguing event here at Caltech: The Great Debate: “Has Science Refuted Religion?” Affirming the proposition will be Skeptics Society president Michael Shermer and myself, while negating … Continue reading

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Boycott Elsevier

While I have the blog open, let me throw in a quick two cents to support the Boycott Elsevier movement. As most working scientists know, Elsevier is a publishing company that controls many important journals, and uses their position to … Continue reading

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Noisy Systems and Wandering Canines

There are three types of scientific explanations: those involving cats, those involving dogs, and those that aren’t very interesting. Via Andrew Revkin, here’s a well-done animation that uses a dog to explain the difference between a long-term trend and a … Continue reading

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Scientists: Scamming America

From The Daily Show, via Why Evolution is True, here’s a hard-hitting expose on the slick con called “science” that is scamming America. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Weathering Fights – Science – … Continue reading

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Trusting Experts

Over on the Google+, Robin Hanson asks a leading question: Explain why people shouldn’t try to form their own physics opinions, but instead accept the judgements of expert physicists, but they should try to form their own opinions on economic … Continue reading

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God and Cosmology Conversation

Here is the video of the panel discussion from Discovery Channel’s Curiosity Conversation last Sunday. Not sure how official it is, so it might not last. Jerry Coyne was motivated to dig them up, since he doesn’t have cable TV. … Continue reading

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Live-Blogging Curiosity, Hawking, and God

Tonight’s the premiere of Curiosity on the Discovery Channel, featuring Stephen Hawking talking about cosmology and God, followed by the “Curiosity Conversation” panel that I’m on along with David Gregory, Paul Davies, and John Haught. Hawking’s hour-long show is scheduled … Continue reading

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Hawking and God on the Discovery Channel

Last week I got to spend time in the NBC studio where they record Meet The Press — re-decorated for this occasion in a cosmic theme, with beautiful images of galaxies and large-scale-structure simulations in the background. The occasion was … Continue reading

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