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Cosmology and the Past Hypothesis

Greetings from sunny Santa Cruz, where we’re in week three of the Summer School on Philosophy of Cosmology. I gave two lectures yesterday afternoon, and in a technological miracle they’ve already appeared on YouTube. The audio and video aren’t perfect … Continue reading

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Philosophy of Cosmology Summer School

Going on right now, up at UC Santa Cruz — I guess the official name is the UCSC Institute for the Philosophy of Cosmology. It’s a three-week event, with talks by some top-notch people: David Albert, David Wallace, Tim Maudlin, … Continue reading

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Time, Born Again

Lee Smolin has a new book out, Time Reborn: From the Crisis in Physics to the Future of the Universe. His previous subtitle lamented “the fall of a science,” while this one warns of a crisis in physics, so you … Continue reading

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Sixty Symbols: The Arrow of Time

Completing an action-packed trilogy that began with quantum mechanics and picked up speed with the Higgs boson, here I am talking with Brady Haran of Sixty Symbols about the arrow of time. If you’d like something more in-depth, I can … Continue reading

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Explaining Time to Kids

Don’t forget that the deadline for this year’s Flame Challenge is coming up. Your mission: to explain “Time” to a group of 11-year-olds, who will be sternly judging your work. Get your submissions in by March 1, either video or … Continue reading

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Talking Nerdy About Time

Cara Santa Maria, science correspondent for the Huffington Post, does a series of videos there called Talk Nerdy To Me. See Martin Savage on physics and the simulation argument, Mark Jackson on cosmology and string theory, Mark’s PhD advisor Brian … Continue reading

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What is Time? The Flame Challenge

Of course you know what time is, since you’ve read From Eternity to Here and you don’t buy into the mysterianist gobbledygook that often accrues to the subject. But not everyone is so fortunate. (Or my sales would have been … Continue reading

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Time-Reversal Violation Is Not the "Arrow of Time"

Looks like the good folks at the BaBar experiment at SLAC, feeling that my attention has been distracted by the Higgs boson, decided that they might be able to slip a pet peeve of mine past an unsuspecting public without … Continue reading

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Feynman on Initial Conditions, Evolving Laws, and What We Consider Physics

We’ve mentioned before that Richard Feynman was way ahead of his time when it came to the need to understand cosmological initial conditions and the low entropy of the early universe. (Among other things, of course.) Feynman actually wrote three … Continue reading

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Mysteries of Time: New Teaching Company Course

Just in time for the holidays (Halloween totally counts as a holiday), the Teaching Company (a/k/a “The Great Courses) is releasing a new course I recorded — Mysteries of Modern Physics: Time. For those of you who aren’t familiar with … Continue reading

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