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Running around these days, doing some linear combination of actual work and talking about things. (Sometimes the talking leads to actual work, so it’s not a total loss.) If you happen to be in a sciencey kind of mood when … Continue reading

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Greetings from Bangkok

Where you will find a welcoming Ronald MacDonald, a monk checking his iPhone, and a stone temple guardian in a top hat: That’s all for now. Probably radio silence until I get back next week.

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Hither and Yon

Best intentions (put nose to the grindstone, get these papers finished) notwithstanding, I do have a few more public lectures and whatnot coming up over the next few weeks. Would love to see you there! And if not, I recently … Continue reading

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Upgrading the Public Lecture Experience

Apologies for the extended radio silence here at the blog. (Originally typed “radio science,” which I suppose is an encouraging sign from my subconscious.) My time and attention has been taken up by an interesting phenomenon known as “real work.” … Continue reading

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Hello England!

Just a word to folks in the UK, I’ll be breezing through next week and the week after and giving a handful of talks. First up is a visit to Oxford, where I’m participating in a miniseries called “Is God … Continue reading

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Cosmology and Philosophy at La Pietra

I’ve traded off my reasons for not blogging much of late. Last week and before it was The Particle at the End of the Universe (in stores November 13!), but that’s now been handed in and I can kick back … Continue reading

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Time Is Out of Joint

Greetings from Norway, where we’re about to embark on what is surely the most logistically elaborate conference I’ve ever attended. Setting Time Aright starts here in Norway, where we hop on a boat and cross the North Sea to Copenhagen. … Continue reading

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Greetings from Qatar

Not much blogging this week, as I’m at the World Conference of Science Journalists in Doha, Qatar. I’m informed that the technical term describing my role here is that of trailing spouse. But I did give a little talk on … Continue reading

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Avignon Day 4: Dark Matter

Yesterday’s talks were devoted to the idea of dark matter, which as you know is the hottest topic in cosmology these days, both theoretically and experimentally. Eric Armengaud and Lars Bergstrom gave updates on the state of direct searches and … Continue reading

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Avignon Day 3: Reductionism

Every academic who attends conferences knows that the best parts are not the formal presentations, but the informal interactions in between. Roughly speaking, the perfect conference would consist of about 10% talks and 90% coffee breaks; an explanation for why … Continue reading

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