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Purposeful Distortion

Here is a map, slightly off-kilter but completely recognizable, by Gaicomo Faiella. Can you tell what is special/interesting about it? (Hat tip to Joe Polchinski, and following his lead I won’t reveal the answer in this post — but feel … Continue reading

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Greetings from Bangkok

Where you will find a welcoming Ronald MacDonald, a monk checking his iPhone, and a stone temple guardian in a top hat: That’s all for now. Probably radio silence until I get back next week.

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Dismal Global Equilibria

The Civilization series of games takes players through the course of history, allowing them to guide a society/nation from way back in prehistory up through the near future (say, 2100). You develop technologies, choose political systems, and raise armies. There … Continue reading

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The World Changes, We Stay Largely the Same

One thing is pretty much guaranteed, in the wake of a big-time news event: people are going to make it about themselves. When Osama bin Laden is killed in a raid in Pakistan, politically-inclined folks in the U.S. are immediately … Continue reading

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Life Under Dictatorship

As the fighting continues in Libya, the Gaddafi government has invited foreign reporters to Tripoli, as long as they stay in the Rixos hotel. They are barred from leaving to report on actual events, but occasionally get to hear government … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Eugene Lim on Calculus in Haiti

A little while back we advertised that Eugene Lim had volunteered to visit Haiti to teach in a university there over the summer, and would be reporting back about the experience. Here’s Eugene’s write-up — a powerful and affecting look … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Eugene Lim on Education in Haiti

Eugene Lim was one of my first graduate students at the University of Chicago. We violated Lorentz invariance together (it’s not as dirty as it sounds), and he’s since gone on to think about bubble collisions and eternal inflation at … Continue reading

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Scientific Conferences: Tool of the Jewish/Mavericky/Nonviolent/CIA Conspiracy

Another contender for Best Video of All Time. Via hilzoy, an Iranian-government propaganda video from a while back. It reveals the secret (naturally) collaboration between John McCain, George Soros (“he uses his wealth and slogans like liberty, democracy, and human … Continue reading

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Moral Authority

The first things we noticed, as we climbed into the back seat of the taxi, were the books. A tiny six-volume library, tucked between the driver’s and passenger’s front seats — just a bit of reading material offered to customers … Continue reading

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Where Wars Kill People

The World’s Fair links to a great site at the Atlas of the Real World. It’s a set of world maps (really cartograms), with the area of countries proportional to something more interesting than the mere land area — … Continue reading

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