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Marching for Science

The March for Science, happening tomorrow 22 April in Washington DC and in satellite events around the globe (including here in LA), is on the one hand an obviously good idea, and at the same time quite controversial. As in … Continue reading

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Dept. of Energy Support for Particle Theory: A “Calamity”

One of the nice things that governments do is support basic scientific research — work that might help us better understand how the world works, but doesn’t have any direct technological or economic application. Particle physics and cosmology are great … Continue reading

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Handing the Universe Over to Europe

Back in the day (ten years ago), I served on a NASA panel charged with developing a long-term roadmap for NASA’s astrophysics missions. At the time there were complaints from Congress and the Office of Management and the Budget that … Continue reading

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National Science Foundation Cancels Call for New Political Science Grant Proposals

Wow. This had been in the pipeline for a while, but I never got around to blogging about it. (First they came for…) A couple of weeks before the deadline for new grant proposals in political science were due, the … Continue reading

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Celebrating Darwin in Congress

Sometimes the most trivial things can seem, in context, like brave stances. Here is ex-physicist and current New Jersey representative Rush Holt standing up in Congress to say nice things about Charles Darwin. Admittedly we’re not talking super-brave here — … Continue reading

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Electrical Resistance

A little while back, an anecdote was being passed around by liberal folks on Facebook that made Ann Romney look pretty bad. Apparently she said that a woman in the workforce “should be happy just to be out there in … Continue reading

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Fang Lizhi

We’re a little bit late here, but I wanted to note that Chinese physicist Fang Lizhi died on Friday in Arizona at the age of 76. Fang’s research area was quantum cosmology, but he was most well-known for his political … Continue reading

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Money vs. Science

Everyone who has been paying attention knows that there is a strong anti-science movement in this country — driven partly by populist anti-intellectualism, but increasingly by corporate interests that just don’t like what science has to say. It’s an old … Continue reading

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NASA Astrophysics: It Really Is This Bad

Shorter House of Representatives: NASA shouldn’t do astrophysics anymore. Via the Tracker, an article by Eric Hand in Nature News that puts the fiasco in helpful graphical form. Misleading graphic alert! The vertical scale starts at $0.5 billion, not at … Continue reading

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NASA Gives Up on LISA

Sorry to bump Julianne’s fun post further down the page, but lots of news today. This particular piece of news is not fun: NASA is abandoning LISA, the planned Laser Interferometer Space Antenna, as well as IXO, an X-ray satellite … Continue reading

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