These videos represent an essentially complete record of the discussion sessions during the Moving Naturalism Forward workshop. If they don't show up here, see the YouTube playlist, where comments are enabled.

Notes: Nicholas Pritzker, who helped support the workshop, attended the sessions as a participant. Jennifer Ouellette also attended some of the sessions. Richard Dawkins had to leave early on the second day, due to travel complications caused by Hurricane Sandy. Hilary Bok, Patricia Churchland, and Lisa Randall were scheduled to attend but each had to cancel for different reasons.

Video recording and editing by Keith Forman.

Day One, Morning, First Session: Introductions

Day One, Morning, Second Session: Introductions, "What Is Real?"

Day One, Afternoon, First Session: Emergence and Reduction

Day One, Afternoon, Second Session: Emergence and Reduction (continued)

Day Two, Morning, First Session: Morality

Day Two, Morning, Second Session: Meaning

Day Two, Afternoon, First Session: Free Will/Consciousness

Day Two, Afternoon, Second Session: Free Will/Consciousness (continued)

Day Three, Morning, First Session: Philosophy and Science

Day Three, Morning, Second Session: Final Thoughts