You Kids, Knock Off That Horseplay

And for a change of pace, here’s Bill Nye putting Neil deGrasse Tyson in a hold so Brian Greene can knock him around.

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18 Responses to You Kids, Knock Off That Horseplay

  1. Gizelle Janine says:

    This is automatically awesome in everyway.

  2. Meh says:

    That’s why Neil can’t be a science adviser for any politician.

  3. Krisijan says:

    Yeah… get the black guy 🙂

  4. Gizelle Janine says:

    @Everyone: Nye with the grab. Tyson was asking for it. Science is 100 percent exploration, regardless of what history shows. It was a pretty dumb statement on his part. So I cried a little when Bill and Brian defended my childhood. The man taught me about rainbows and prisms. They should have thrown in Beakman and that large italian rat that cooks…

  5. Gizelle Janine says:

    Btw: Neil Tyson= Black David Albert in a silk shirt? Difference: David’s smart.

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  7. So what was the counterargument to the LHC as a project of exploration? We got left hanging there…

  8. sjn says:

    Tyson’s point is that, although the individual scientist may be inspired to explore, the incentives and motives of funders and politicians usually have nothing to do with exploration. They understand that science leads to applications, technologies, cures for disease, geopolitical prestige, etc. A classical example is Apollo. Whether or not you think it had any scientific value, Tyson would argue that it had nothing to do with exploration. After any big discovery (e.g., the Higgs) the inevitable equation by the media and the public is “does it have an application?” This just shows that a lot of people don’t care about exploration for its own sake. Which is a little depressing.

  9. Gizelle Janine says:

    @sjn: I heard what the man said, I got his point and even kind of agreed, and it still was ignorant and seeminly self serving and incredibly incorrect.

    History also shows people dont learn from mistakes, and that communism never works, but I’m not going around yelling in someones face I hate goverment as a whole like an angry asshole on a stage filled with historians.

    Science is here for everyone. It’s like everyones stupid concept of god. And many take science in school (And I’m sure school is a goverment run program that teaches you why science in history ALWAYS is about exploring, discovering, and being much like a kid. By the way: I’ve heard the man talk about science as a beautiful idea as opposed as to one to insult, belitttle and yell at. No way to act, and could have been said better.) Beyond that: He denies a very intellegent person his right to speak and ends up dressing like the fucking guy? Please ok. Stop defended the black guy for saying something incorrect.

    Even though examples exist, doesnt mean they apply. What you said shows that alot of people, regular citzen-like people including yourself, because you defend him, dont care about thinking harder AND dont care about exploration for its own sake. Which is not the goverments fault or any fucking politician’s fault. It’s an individual’s fault for not caring. Its fucking stupid and counterproductive to science. I bet you arent a politician either, are you?

  10. Gizelle Janine says:

    BTW: Nothing wrong with people wondering how science fits into their lives in specific ways. Even saying the Higgs has no application is applying it right there. You’re on fire today, sjn.

  11. sjn says:

    Well, it’s clear you don’t know what I think, Gizelle Janine, and BTW don’t lecture me about how to communicate.

  12. Lauretta Dwyer says:

    @ Gizelle… Two points. You’ve mistaken passion with anger. Many narrow minded people confuse these emotions. Neil is simply passionate about his belief of space exploration.

    Incurious minds are the only folks I’ve ever met that insist NASA was a waste of money. This has caused a great decline in sciences across the board as young people decide their “space” dreams can no longer come true so opt for a future in finance or law. Two fields already saturated.

  13. Gizelle Janine says:

    BTW: Neil saying science never ever ever even in history had anything to do with exploration: Lauren: You and Neil need to read a history book.

  14. Gizelle Janine says:

    @sjn: I dont lecture or tell people how to talk or voice their words here. It’s what I think, obviously.

    This is a free forum, right? I mean, when you say something that doesnt make sense, I do have right to tell you what I know in comparison to what I can see you dont. My anger is at the comment itself that Neil made, and how you chose to respond to it. I never look for fights here, and really just look to get basic questions answered, so please, dont be offended. What you said just pissed me off. End of story.

  15. Steve says:

    Gizelle — no one has a clue what you get paid for. But apparently it requires no social skills.

  16. Gizelle Janine says:

    @Steve: Actually, it does.

  17. André says:

    I think you may have confused what Neil’s point was. It wasn’t that science isn’t about exploration, it’s that exploration is rarely, if ever, about science.