About Sean

I’m a physicist at Caltech who occasionally wears other hats. This blog is part of my larger web site.

With my physicist hat on, I’m a theorist who thinks about the fundamental laws of nature, especially as they connect to cosmology. Some of my work has been on violations of fundamental symmetries, the physics of dark energy, modifications of general relativity, and the arrow of time. Recently I’ve been focusing on issues at the foundations of cosmology, statistical mechanics, quantum mechanics, and complexity. My CV has links to all my research papers.

Other hats, summarized at my activities page, include writer, speaker, and thinker about things I’m not really credentialed to think about. I’m the author of three books:

and three sets of lectures from The Teaching Company:

My avocational intellectual interests include a number of philosophical topics, largely under the rubric of naturalism. I sometimes act as a science consultant for movies and TV shows, and have been known to play poker when the opportunity arises.

I live in Los Angeles with my lovely wife, Jennifer Ouellette, who is a writer learning science instead of a scientist learning how to write. We’re symbiotic.

For contact info and other details, see the bottom of my personal page.