Episode 45: Leonard Susskind on Quantum Information, Quantum Gravity, and Holography

May 6, 2019 |

For decades now physicists have been struggling to reconcile two great ideas from a century ago: general relativity and quantum mechanics. We don’t yet know the final answer, but the journey has taken us to some amazing places. A leader in this quest has been Leonard Susskind, who has helped illuminate some of the most mind-blowing ideas in quantum gravity: the holographic principle, the string theory landscape, black-hole complementarity, and others. He has also become celebrated as a writer, speaker, and expositor of mind-blowing ideas. We talk about black holes, quantum mechanics, and the most exciting new directions in quantum gravity.

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Leonard Susskind received his Ph.D. in physics from Cornell University. He is currently the Felix Bloch Professor of Physics at Stanford University. He has made important contributions to numerous ideas in theoretical physics, including string theory, lattice gauge theory, dynamical symmetry breaking, the holographic principle, black hole complementarity, matrix theory, the cosmological multiverse, and quantum information. He is the author of several books, including a series of pedagogical physics texts called The Theoretical Minimum. Among his numerous awards are the J.J. Sakurai Prize and the Oskar Klein Medal.

6 thoughts on “Episode 45: Leonard Susskind on Quantum Information, Quantum Gravity, and Holography”

  1. Fátima Pereira

    Excelente diálogo!
    Temas bem desenvolvidos, talvez, gostasse que se tivessem alongado um pouco mais sobre Multiverso cosmologico.
    Muito curiosa sobre mecânica quântica, e, adoro ler, saber, informar_me!
    Agradeço, Sean, pois, como sempre, conduz qualquer diálogo, de uma forma exemplar!
    Agradeço a Sr. Leonard Susskind!

  2. Symphony Marie Arnold

    This is embarrassing, but I’m a professional retoucher and huge nerd and got so excited when I saw this episode come up in my feed I started crying at work and had to explain why. THANK YOU!

  3. Richard Blanch

    Thanks Lenny and Sean for a great podcast, close to my heart. I am one of the thousands of middle age people Len has educated over the years. With only high school maths and physics to go by i burrowed through the whole series of The Theoretical Minimum and am much the wiser for it. It has opened up a whole world to me of past and present beautiful minds with wonderful insights into the nature of existence.
    Cheers Leonard Susskind

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