Time Explained

Some of us write books, others express themselves through visual media. Here’s my new favorite theory of time, courtesy Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

Time explained

(It continues; click.)

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  2. Ask Itzhak Bars of USC; He’s made a career of two-time metrics. However, I don’t think he will get the physics Nobel this year, nor will any of the stringers.
    Does anybody have any guesses ? My favorites would be Alan Guth & Andre Linde for Inflation or Perlmutter & Riess for Dark Energy.

  3. Oh, alright. Stopped betting years ago, but you drew me into it Jimbo!

    I’m putting down Eleventy seven dollars and 3 ounces of Halflings’ Leaf Pipe-weed from the Shire, on Erik Verlinde for his gravity-dont-exist hypothesis. Especially, because that scroll (and the weed) taught me to think differently about entropy, thank you.

  4. If I live to be eleventy-one years old I won’t understand time half so well as it deserves and I will want twice the time I haven’t got! Time to disappear!

  5. Second one looks like a walk back home from the pub after a few beers – but not as continously remembered. First one was getting there.