Merry Christmas

I couldn’t find any of Julianne’s awesome list of holiday presents for inquisitive youngsters. But we did get my nephew a chemistry set (hopefully he will explore it more systematically than I did when I was his age), and my niece an erector set that lets you build different kinds of moving vehicles. Her first reaction, “Was this supposed to be for my brother?”, gave away very quickly to “I have never been more excited!!!” when she built a little car that zoomed around on its own using nothing but salt water for fuel.


Have a warm and safe holiday season, whether your tradition includes exchanging presents with family members or ordering Chinese food and watching videos.

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11 Responses to Merry Christmas

  1. Best Christmas line of the day: “Aimee, did you remember to put the magnesium plates in?”

  2. Tony Rz says:

    Merry Christmas, may Love be born in all our hearts, each and every day.

  3. Bob F. says:

    Merry one to you too. I celebrated in the traditional Jewish/atheist/vegetarian manner: fake beef & broccoli and an episode of Doctor Who. (Tonight is the xmas special. I can’t wait.)

  4. AI says:

    It runs on magnesium, salt water and oxygen.

  5. John Branch says:

    Glad to know that chemistry sets still exist. I suppose they’ve been de-danger-ized in some way, but they can still be fun.

  6. It’s an update on Oliver Sacks: you’re Aunt and Uncle Magnesium! How old are the kids?

  7. Sean Carroll says:

    Niece is 10, nephew is 12. I have no illusions that Christmas presents regularly change lives, but it’s a good age to be shown some different things.

  8. Howard Hunter says:

    The Calabi-Yau Manifold Crystal at Edmund Scientific is a cool gift!

  9. Doc C says:

    If art is a personal gift that changes the receiver, then you have inspired us with your example of the art of giving. The excitement your niece displayed after accepting her gift had to create a lasting memory that will influence the way she sees the world. Great Christmas story.

  10. Ray Gedaly aka Ray Gunn says:

    Making good progress on your book these past few days as I’ve had a major flare-up of my IBS.

  11. Bob F. says:

    There’s an article in today’s NY Times about safer chemistry sets. Including some without chemicals. Many of these are toys for making colored goo.