Methodological Honesty

A provocative hashtag: #overlyhonestmethods. For when you want to know how science is really done. (Via Sociological Images.)


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7 Responses to Methodological Honesty

  1. Brett says:

    “Blood samples were spun at 1500rpm because the centrifuge made a scary noise at higher speeds”


  2. Ray says:

    I am writing this with a heavy heart. Over the past few months the quality of this blog has deteriorated significantly. Compared to the great physics/philosophy/religion discussions which were my favorites all we get these days are some photos or video links posted with customary one or two paragraphs of text. When again will you write “The Laws Underlying The Physics of Everyday Life Are Completely Understood” or “Science and Religion are Not Compatible” or even “How To Be A Good Graduate Student”? I still check this blog out of habit everyday but will stop doing so if this continues.

    I understand that you are extremely busy and probably don’t have time to write serious blog posts. Still I felt like I needed to tell you.

  3. crd2 says:


    I think you’re being a bit melodramatic. As you stated he is a very busy person. Also I have a feeling he left Cosmic Variance so he could enjoy the freedom to post whatever whenever. On a side note, why would you expect him to re-write something he already wrote about (and commented on) in great detail at a previous date. I understand your disappointment, but you cant expect gold nuggets every time. Think of all the times he’s probably covered those topics in lectures, debates, discussions, talks, classrooms, meetings, papers, conference calls, books, blogs, etc. You can’t expect the guy to cover the same topics over and over again.

  4. Albert says:

    I agree with Ray. While these posts are funny (and I understand that one of the reasons Sean left Cosmic Variance was so that he could simply publish whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted), I still maintain a glimmer of hope that one day, I’ll check this blog and see something ridiculously awesome like “How to be a good graduate student, part 2” or “How do be a good high energy theorist” or “How to give a great theory talk” or “How to get into a top physics graduate school, part 2,” etc. I know some of these have already been done, but there’s always more to be said and there’s a metric shit-ton of unwritten wisdom in physics and who better to write it down than Sean? Just my $0.02.

  5. Sean Carroll says:

    Blogging has certainly been slow of late. Sometimes it’s more important to bear down on my actual job. Probably will be like this for another couple of months as I catch up, I’m afraid.

  6. Meh says:

    How dare you attempt to stay relevant in your field good sir!

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