Particle Physicists and Cosmologists on Twitter

Katie Freese, a well-known particle cosmologist who has a new book coming out, was asking if I had an tips about publicity. Short answer: not really, no. I haven’t really figured that one out. But one of the most obvious things to do, in terms of possible benefit per unit effort, is to join Twitter and start talking about science with the other denizens there.

I thought I would suggest to her a dozen or so good scientists to follow — after all, there aren’t that many working physicists in this field who are active on Twitter. I went to send her a few recommendations, at which point I realized there are actually quite a few! Some of whom deserve a lot more recognition.

So here is a list I compiled, consisting of people who are (1) active researchers in particle physics or cosmology; (2) on Twitter; (3) known to me. (More specifically, “recalled or noticed by me while making this list.”) Obviously one could compile a much longer list if we expanded it to include science communicators of all stripes, or even active scientists (or even just physicists) of all stripes. But I’m only one guy here. If I’m missing anyone who certainly qualifies, leave a comment; I’ll be happy to add them if I feel like it. I’m sure this isn’t more than half of the people who might be included in such a list. Obvious systematic error in favor of English-speakers, sorry. Entries listed in no particular order.

See also Lucretius’s lists of physicists, astronomers, and philosophers on Twitter, and CERN’s list of physicists.

  1. I am not familiar with twitter. I have an account, just never use it. So I’m not sure if my suggestion is doable.
    I thought the discussion forum with Dr. Craig was fantastic.
    Discussion from a cosmologist, biologist, and philosophy standpoint, illustrating the extend of our knowledge and how the problems should be discussed.
    Dr. Carroll, Dr. Rosenberg, and Dr. Maudlin were phenomenal. I had many aha- moments, and can’t wait for the discussion to be set free on YouTube.
    Is it possible to continue this discussion also on Twitter?
    Thank you again for such a great eye opener.

  2. Oh, my, such a list! I forsee an augmentation of emergency pizza delivery frequency at the Armchair Physics Cave.

  3. My big hope is that one or more of them will work on discovering exactly what dark energy is while I’m still around to learn that information. I’m 73 so time is running out for me to understand dark energy/matter before I’m gone!

  4. Carolyn Porco — Cassini imaging lead, CICLOPS director An accomplished and fascinating scientist. Edit- Sorry, reread your article and noticed you were only listing particle physicists. Apologies for my lazy read

  5. It would nice to write a couple of lines about each of them, so we could quickly identify the people we would be interested to follow.

  6. Seeing how much he complains about KLM, that is very likely the real Gerard ‘t Hooft. Also, almost everyone who isn’t him misspells his name. Most of my tweets are about surfing and life on Maui, but I’d be delighted if you’d add @garrettlisi

  7. “in terms of possible benefit per unit effort”
    “Obvious systematic error”
    Spoken like a true physicist, you should right a book, “Public Relations in Physics Terms.” Awesome list though!

  8. Dont know if the “mond folks” (but not only, luckily for them heh? 😉 ) count, but if yes Benoit Famaey (a.k.a. Ben, a.k.a me) is @darth_ben, and his accomplice Stacy McGaugh is @DudeDarkmatter

  9. Thanks for this great list! It’s hard to find good scientists who tweet regularly! Another list with famous computer scientists would be super awesome! 😉

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