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Girls Welcome

Another strike against the tendency to see cultural predilections of the moment as direct reflections of underlying genetically-determined features of human nature. For years, everything related to computers has been a predominantly male domain. But the New York Times reports … Continue reading

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Disinviting Larry

Larry Summers is an extremely smart guy who said some extremely stupid things about women and science at a conference. For this and many other reasons (mostly “other,” but it’s a messy story), he lost the confidence of Harvard’s faculty … Continue reading

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We Know the Answer!

Chad Orzel is wondering about the origin of some irritating habits in science writing. His first point puts the finger right on the issue: Myth 1: First-person pronouns are forbidden in scientific writing. I have no idea where students get … Continue reading

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Manly, Sciencey Manliness

I’m going to be too busy for real blogging over the next couple of weeks, but fortunately I’m not too proud to refrain from cutting and pasting entire posts from other blogs! This one from FemaleScienceProfessor: Discussion at a faculty … Continue reading

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Dr. Free-Ride brings to our attention Scientiae, a new blog carnival devoted to posts about women in science, engineering, technology and mathematics. Apparently something that people still like to talk about! So if you’re a blogger with a good post … Continue reading

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Red Hot Optics

Would you be shocked to hear that the readership of general-circulation science magazines is overwhelmingly white, male, and middle-aged? Probably not. Of course, you might comfort yourself with the thought that lack of interest in such magazines is programmed into … Continue reading

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King Me

I love science, because the universe has very little tolerance for wishful thinking. You can believe whatever kind of nonsense you like about how the world works, but eventually the data will come along and slap you upside the head. … Continue reading

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Speaking Out

Why do we keep writing about women in science? And even inviting guest posts that touch on the topic? Haven’t we more or less exhausted what needs to be said? Maybe it’s time to concentrate on cosmology and/or the World … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Chanda Prescod-Weinstein

I first met Chanda (briefly) when she was visiting the University of Chicago as a summer undergraduate research student. Since then we’ve corresponded occasionally about life as a physicist and which general relativity textbook is the best. She emailed me … Continue reading

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Unconscious but Pervasive Bias

I was hoping to actually say something substantive about this, but time is precious these days (and it’s been all over the blogosphere anyway). The National Academy of Sciences has released a report, Beyond Bias and Barriers: Fulfilling the Potential … Continue reading

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